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lfawdbl's Journal

Acupuncturists and Bellydancing Librarians
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League of Future Acupuncturists Who Dig Bellydancing Librarians

Some guys just sit around all day watching TV. Other guys decide to make something of themselves and become salesmen or businessmen. Some guys decide to become doctors, or lawyers.

Some guys decide to become acupuncturists. It's a tough road to hoe: throughout your studies and your future career you will be confronted by people saying, "so do you really think that stuff works?" And worse than the naysayers, there will be the FDA and the WHO, restricting your practice, cramping your style.

Fortunately, for some of us, we have bellydancing librarians for girlfriends or wives, and they keep us sane on our journey.

This is a community for guys who are studying acupuncture, who are in a serious relationship with a librarian who likes bellydancing, or a bellydancer who loves books. The bellydancers/librarians who are with said future acupuncturists can join too...

... for that matter, their friends should join too.